Optimizing Supply Chains in 2022


Moments matter in your supply chain. And, in today's world of ultra high competition driven, those who can react the fastest WIN through:

  • Increased market share
  • Avoidance of lost revenue; and
  • Reduction in operating expenditures
You're invited to listen in as Mike Jarrett, CEO of Jarrett Logistics ( a multi-million private company) discusses what he is doing to increase supply chain responsiveness using real-world actionable examples which are applicable to any company and industry.

BONUS: Special Guest Josh Berry, Professional Xfinity NASCAR driver will attend to provide memorable insights and commentary relative to NASCAR.

What you will learn:
  • Most important moments you are missing in your supply chain for the biggest impact
  • How response time impacts customer experience
  • Why a proactive supply chain team in a volatile freight market makes all the difference

Mike Jarrett, President & CEO, Jarrett Logistics
Josh Berry, Professional NASCAR Driver, JR Motorsports

Helen Atkinson, Senior Editor, SupplyChainBrain


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