Four Tips to Keep Your Fleet Air Conditioner Unit In Top Condition

Posted by Jarrett on Aug 31, 2021 11:15:00 AM



Being the owner of a truck or trailer fleet requires critical attention to detail. Maintenance needs to continually be top of mind, and breakdowns and repairs are inevitable. While these are all crucial elements in successfully operating a fleet, two other components are just as important; the safety and comfort of the fleet driver. Safety, of course, is the number one priority in all circumstances for both the driver and others on the road, but driver comfort can get overlooked. Air conditioning, and keeping it operating properly, is a huge factor in the comfortability of the fleet driver as they take on the open road.

Fleet drivers operating in uncomfortable conditions are inclined to take more breaks, slowing productivity. It also aids in distraction, with their focus being pulled from the road to their discomfort. Both scenarios are very far from ideal, and when your wheels aren’t turning, you’re not earning. When a vehicle’s air conditioner is not functioning properly, neither can your drivers. However, through dedicated air conditioner maintenance, driver discomfort can be easily avoided. 


Here are four things to keep in mind when dealing with air conditioner maintenance: 


  1. Make sure air conditioner maintenance is always a part of your routine vehicle inspection. Here at Jarrett Fleet Services, that is included in our maintenance solution and is never overlooked, as we know how crucial it is for the driving experience. Rust, corrosion, and wear-and-tear are all common causes for an air conditioner to function incorrectly, therefore inspecting the air conditioner frequently is an easy and preventative way to keep it working longer. 
  2. Filter maintenance is also a simple, yet effective, way to ensure your air conditioning is running properly. Inspect filters and replace them as needed. Make sure that all replacements are in proper condition and if you are given the choice to wait or replace, it is better to replace. 
  3. If the air conditioner isn’t working and it does not seem to be improving, check the air conditioner belt. These get overused quickly and are prone to wear and tear and can result in a completely broken air conditioner unit. This should be a part of your routine inspection. 
  4. Ensure that your fleet drivers are aware and paying attention to how the air conditioner unit is functioning. If it isn’t working consistently, if different smells are emitting from the unit, or if there are unusual sounds, it may be best to have it professionally checked. Catching a potential problem early on can save on cost and time. 


Broken air conditioner units may result in low morale, lower productivity and efficiency, and higher costs. Let the professionals at Jarrett handle all your maintenance needs, from air conditioner units to sandblasting, aluminum and steel welding, painting, touch-ups, and more. 

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