Fleet repair services for your trucks & trailers


If your wheels aren’t turning, you’re not earning! Jarrett Fleet Services gets you back on the road with Northeast Ohio’s best truck and trailer repairs by highly-trained, experienced technicians.

Breakdowns take your valuable assets off the road. The sooner issues are fixed and repairs are made, the sooner you get back to making money and keeping your commitments to your customers to get their freight delivered on time. Jarrett Fleet Services keeps your repair costs under control and increases vehicle and driver uptime.

Jarrett Fleet Services specializes in semi-truck and trailer repair, including 24/7 roadside emergency service and repair, steel and aluminum welding, sandblasting, painting, and all routine maintenance and service your fleet needs to stay in service and in compliance.


Our fleet truck repair services include:

• 24/7 roadside repair service
• ABS diagnostics and repair
• Air brake systems inspection, adjustment, lubrication and repair
• Air conditioning service and repair
• Body work
• Hydraulic hose repair and replacement
• Diesel engine diagnostics and repair
• Electrical repair
• Oil, lube and filter changes
• Spring and air-ride suspension diagnostic and repair
• Tires, wheels and brakes
• Drivetrain repair
Our fleet trailer repair services include:

24/7 roadside repair service
Liftgate installation and repair
Overhead and swing door repair and replacement
Roof and flooring repair
Tires, wheels and brakes
Reefer repairs
Extensive body repairs
Chassis repairs
Custom fabrication and engineering for modifications

Jarrett Fleet Services specializes in providing professional fleet maintenance and repair solutions for:

• Dry vans
• Box vans
• Flatbed trucks
• Pup trailers
• Straight trucks
• Reefer vans
• Demountable boxes


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