Truck and trailer service in Seville, OH

Seville, Ohio     

Our Seville, OH location keeps your trucks in top condition with Northeast Ohio’s best truck and trailer maintenance and repair service. Our highly-trained, experienced technicians are available 24 / 7 with emergency roadside service and repair to get you back on the road so you can keep moving!

When you need routine maintenance or emergency roadside service on I-71, I-76, I-77, I-80, or I-271, Call Jarrett Fleet Services.

24-Hour Emergency Roadside Service & Repair

8860 Wooster Pike | Seville, OH 44273


Our Seville, OH location provides:

ABS diagnostics and repair
• Air brake systems inspection, adjustment, lube and repair
• Air conditioning service and repair
• Body work
• Hydraulic hose repair and replacement
• Diesel engine diagnostics and repair
• Electrical repair
• Oil, lube and filter changes
• Spring and air-ride suspension diagnostic and repair
• Liftgate installation and repair
• Overhead and swing door repair and replacement
• Roof and flooring repair
• Tires, wheels and brakes
• Reefer repairs
• Truck wash


Now available: A brand-new truck wash facility to keep your equipment clean and extend its life!

Regular truck and trailer washing reduces overall vehicle maintenance and keeps your equipment in good condition.

Road dirt, grime and salt contribute to premature wear on your truck’s mechanical parts and degrade its exterior finish. This shortens its lifespan, and a dirty truck and trailer has more drag than a clean one, so keeping your equipment clean will help save money on fuel.

In the winter, road salts like sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride can lead to rusting and corrosion so make sure washing your truck and trailer is a part of your regular maintenance.

The truck wash bay at the Jarrett Seville, OH location will keep you clean! There is no need to remove antennas with our brushless wash option and our helpful attendants will get those hard-to-reach areas for a complete clean.

The Basic Wash includes an acid wash degreaser application followed by top and side brushes with attendants on standby to get you through in 20 minutes. Additional options include an undercarriage wash, high acid wash, dry wax, and spot free rinse.

We service standard, medium, and heavy-duty box trucks and tractor trailers.

Accepted payment methods

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