Transportation Management System

A Custom TMS Application Designed to Better Serve You 

jShip is our award-winning transportation management system (TMS) application, an in-house technology solution that helps you gain more control over your supply chain. As one of the leading technology solutions in the industry, it complements our JLS Routing Center by giving you access to secure, efficient, personalized order entry and real-time data that delivers world-class visibility. Additionally, by leveraging API to integrate into your operating system, jShip simplifies quoting, shipment execution, invoicing and reporting.

  • Simplified, web-based quoting: Easy, web-based quoting: Our easy to use platform produces rate quotes and transit times from all carriers on one single web-based platform. With jShip you no longer need to go to many different websites or sales reps to get your quotes.
  • Efficient order entry: Order entry is fast, consistent, personalized and can be completed whenever you want.
  • Improved shipment visibility: Shipments are tracked throughout each day, so you get the real-time data that allows you to be proactive instead of reactive to unexpected events.
  • Safe, secure and efficient: Because jShip is a Jarrett Logistics Systems (Jarrett) hosted platform, all information— remains private, protected, organized and available to you whenever you need it.

jShip is a leading, user-friendly TMS application that does nothing less than help you improve your organization's overall speed and operational efficiency.

3 Key Advantages of Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Regardless of how often you need freight shipped in your business, having visibility of those shipments is critical to controlling your supply chain and hitting your targets.
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