DOT compliance for your fleet

Annual DOT Compliance       

One violation can pull your assets out of service and that costs you money. DOT compliance helps keep your fleet safe while avoiding hefty fines and lost productivity and revenue.

Our annual DOT inspections help you meet the highest industry regulatory standards and requirements and keep your fleet safe and legal. Implementation of ELDs and other government mandates has made fleet management more important than ever for the safety and integrity of your fleet’s operations—we're here to help.

Avoid costly noncompliance     

The cost of noncompliance is high. When you consider fines and litigation fees alone, investing in DOT safety compliance is much less costly than the alternative.

Maintain the safety and efficiency of your fleet     

Maintaining your fleet’s DOT compliance is the best way to keep your drivers and everyone else on the road safe, and minimize repairs and costly downtime. We'll catch the most minor problems before they become major road hazards or repairs.

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