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Jarrett History 

In the early 90s, W. Michael Jarrett had progressed his career at a large Third-Party Logistics provider (3PL), Caliber Logistics Systems, which provided transportation management services to Fortune 500 companies. In 1995, Mike became Vice President, Carrier Operations when Caliber was acquired by FedEx. In 1997, knowing that FedEx would eventually ask Mike to relocate to their headquarters in Memphis, TN, he and his wife, Diane, began discussing options which would allow them to raise their family in Northeast Ohio.

As an executive leader and pioneer in the 3PL industry, Mike had noticed a glaring need. At that time, 3PL providers only focused their services on large corporations. Mike’s goal was to provide small to midsize companies with the same technology, operational efficiencies, and supply chain strategies only available to large organizations. Mike’s operational background provided the foundation for developing the JLS Routing Center, which provides unmatched supply chain visibility and control to clients.

Mike and Diane co-founded PackShip USA in April 1998 in order to generate revenue to support their family and start the flagship company, Jarrett Logistics Systems. PackShip is a retail shipping store for consumers and provides services to custom package high-value furniture. The PackShip network has the ability to ship quality furniture products all over the world on common-carriers instead of specialized furniture haulers.

Jarrett Logistics Systems started in 1999 with zero employees and zero revenue but a year later, was the catalyst propelling the organization into exponential growth. Today, Jarrett works with organizations of all sizes from Fortune 500 to small, family owned businesses.

Mike and Diane have since expanded the Jarrett Logistics Systems, Jarrett Warehousing, and Jarrett Fleet Services divisions to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions for the benefit of current and future clients.

With customers in 43 states, all Canadian provinces, and throughout Mexico, Jarrett continues to work toward the goal of being one of the largest privately held 3PLs in North America.


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