Matt Dews, Warehouse and Business Development Manager


Matt Dews is a Warehouse and Business Development Manager at Jarrett Warehousing. Before this position, Matt worked at JLG Industries and PackShip USA. Matt enjoys the freedom and flexibility of his job. His goals are to be the best and most effective leader to his team. In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, Meagan, and dog, Minnie. He also enjoys playing softball and working on projects around the house. 

We asked Matt, “What makes Jarrett different?” Here’s what he said:

“The difference is no matter how large or small a company you are, and no matter how many needs you have, you will be treated as if we are your employees working for you. Top-notch service and a willingness to always go the extra mile to ensure that your product is correct and your customers are happy.”

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