Dylan Westerhoff, Operations Supervisor

IMG_1834Dylan Westerhoff is an Operations Supervisor for Jarrett Warehousing in Leola, PA. He oversees all of the branch functions, including building and property maintenance. Dylan was hired on as a driver in 2018 and promoted to Lead Warehouse Coordinator in 2019. Then, in 2020 he was promoted again to Operations Supervisor. Before joining the Jarrett team, he had 22 years of experience in warehousing, management, and production of poultry house equipment and humane animal traps. Dylan enjoys coming in to work every day, since there is something new each day.  

Dylan's goals are to keep safety a priority, improve productivity, continue to treat customers as family, and help Leola grow. In his free time, Dylan enjoys woodworking and making homemade barbecue sauce and beef jerky. 

We asked Dylan, “What makes Jarrett different?” Here’s what he said:

“I believe we strive harder to be the best possible solution to customers’ shipping/warehousing needs. We take the time to put customers first and foremost. I like the fact that we have multiple modes of transportation to satisfy what they need as well.”

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