Jeff Gerber, Operations Manager 


Jeff Gerber is the Operations Manager at Jarrett Fleet Services (JFS). He manages the day to day operations and enjoys working with customers to meet their expectations. Jeff likes problem solving and finding creative solutions. He also enjoys working with employees to create an enjoyable and productive atmosphere. Before this role, Jeff started as a PackShip USA driver, Warehouse Coordinator, and Operations Manager.

Jeff’s goals are to support employees by making their careers enjoyable and productive. He wants our customers to receive the best service possible and to keep their equipment running. He also strives to find employees with good character and work ethic to help cultivate professional development. In his free time, Jeff enjoys going on vacations, being with family, and fishing. 

We asked Jeff, “What makes Jarrett different?” Here’s what he said:

“The employees make the difference and everyone cares about the customers. We have a supportive Human Resources department that finds employees with good character and work ethic. As a company, we strive to get new state of the art equipment for safety and efficiency.”

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