Our people are the core of our business and our success. We pride ourselves in our team of trusted logistics and transportation experts and the value they bring to our company, clients, and community. 



At Jarrett, our people are at the heart of everything we do. Having come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, there is one important thing we all have in common: the vision for our company, clients, and community. 

We employ people with energy, integrity, and a passion for helping others succeed. This not only reinforces our Core Values, but allows us to maintain our award winning-culture and continue to provide exceptional support to our clients. 

Our people are the reason we have a unique company culture. Jarrett team members enjoy coming to work because of the atmosphere created by leadership and their co-workers. Employees create an environment where friendships grow, work is fun, yet still effective, and people feel cared for beyond their work life. 

From the start of our company in 1999 to present day, Mike and Diane Jarrett’s vision for employing the best people still stands. We believe in supporting and empowering our employees by investing in their personal and professional growth.


  • We provide a comprehensive and unique benefits program. 
  • We invest in the health and wellness of our people through our Wellness Program.
  • We provide a safe, healthy, and inclusive work environment.
  • We make available many opportunities to serve in the community.
  • We encourage all employees to utilize our Open Door Policy, by speaking openly with managers, executives, and even our president about new ideas, questions and concerns.
  • We develop close-knit teams that provide a valuable employee experience.

The difference is our leaders. From the top down, our culture is made up by the values all of us believe in as employees. Most companies create value statements, but do not center their business daily around these values. You feel the difference from day one when you start to work at Jarrett. Everything we do is about relationships and doing the right thing."
Teresa Durham
Administrative Assistant



We believe instant human connection, when paired with leading technology, is the best resource for our clients. 

Jarrett Logistics: Each client has a dedicated team in our JLS Routing Center. 24/7, 365 days a year, clients have the ability to connect with a logistics expert assigned to their company in seconds - no voicemail, no phone tree, no hassle. Our experts know you and your product. That’s The Jarrett Difference. 

Jarrett Warehousing: We focus on employing experts dedicated to accuracy, timeliness and customer service. Our warehousing employees have integrity, so you can trust your product to be taken care of. We remain dedicated to our warehousing customers by operating as a family-owned and debt free organization. That’s The Jarrett Difference. 

Jarrett Fleet Services: Each one of our team members takes great pride in their work, so you can ensure your maintenance or repairs will be done with excellence . At Jarrett Fleet Services, our technicians have over 100+ years of truck and trailer experience. Our experts are actively sharing their knowledge with newer employees so that we create a culture and legacy of the most experienced technicians. That’s The Jarrett Difference.


Our people are all unique with various backgrounds, but working in unison for the same purpose. A great “live” example of this is the JLS Routing Center. During my time in the JLS Routing Center, I was amazed with how well our logistics experts work together as a team - it felt like a work family. It’s not easy to create an environment like this and I truly believe it all begins and continues to flourish with strong leadership from our owners.”

Dan Lieske
Director, Business Development




With Civic Responsibility as one of our Core Values, making an impact in our community is central to the heart of Jarrett’s mission. 

We believe that helping your community flourish is the responsibility of every business. Our employees back this mission by participating in various community service initiatives throughout the year. 

We have close partnerships with the Salvation Army & Wayne County Schools Career Center, as well as other local community building organizations. Some of the initiatives we jump into each year are:

  • Meal Packing | Team members go pack lunches for students affected by food insecurity at the Salvation Army.
  • Canned Food Drive | We host an internal competition to see which department can collect the most cans. The cans are donated to the Salvation Army.
  • Christmas Sponsorship | Each December, Jarrett “adopts” four children to buy gifts for through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Employees often participate or start other civic responsibility initiatives of their own each year. We believe their compassion and ambition is what makes up The Jarrett Difference.

“Partnerships, volunteers and community support are a few of the most important components of a non-profit’s existence. Jarrett provides all three of these elements to The Orrville Salvation Army-Maiwurm Service Center. Because of their partnership throughout the year, including the annual intern service day, food donations at Christmas and staff volunteers that pack weekend food packs for children at local schools, the Salvation Army can continue to provide emergency assistance, seasonal assistance and employment help to folks in need in our community. We are grateful for their commitment to us and to the Orrville community."
Beth Fuller
Salvation Army


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