Meeting the Increasing Demand of E-Retailers

Posted by Jarrett on Oct 20, 2022 11:05:00 AM

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With costs rising and a corresponding increase in demand by consumers, many e-retailers are leaning on their 3PL providers for more dedicated support. Those 3PL partners must be fluent in the ongoing changes of the supply chain landscape – offering strategies and recommendations to meet those unique customer’s needs.


According to a 2022 study by shared on Yahoo! Finance


“With the increasing penetration of e-commerce in the United States market, consumers are demanding customized shipping along with real-time visibility of the shipments. These demands are driving the 3PL service providers to focus on providing overall network optimization and creating an agile supply chain through innovation and optimization for greater visibility.”


This begs the question … does your 3PL have the required expertise and novel technologies to ensure your specific needs are met in the e-retail space?


The Jarrett team has honed its skills and built out its technological capabilities to stay current with industry trends and changes surrounding the pandemic, supply chain and labor constraints, as well as other critical and timely factors. 


Staying Ahead of the Technological Curve 

To meet customer demand, Jarrett has continued building out its technology solutions to provide end-to-end visibility for its customer’s supply chains by leveraging its premiere (SaaS) technology platform jShip. This award-winning Transportation Management System (TMS) supports freight shipping activity and helps gain more control over customer’s supply chains – a essential tool in keeping its e-retailer customers competitive in the marketplace. 


Driving Strategy with People 

Jarrett also has a best-in-class logistics control tower, its Jarrett Routing Center. The routing center gives customers access to secure, efficient, personalized order entry and real-time data that delivers world-class supply chain visibility. Jarrett Routing Center professionals offer hands-on, personalized service – where they answer the call in 3 rings or less, 24/7/365, and reply to emails in 10 minutes or less. They leverage key data and insights and work with customers to develop proactive solutions, blending technology, data and human insights to discover the best path forward. 


Having the Capacity to Succeed

E-Retailers also need to partner with a 3PL that has the capacity to manage their needs and scale with them via its capabilities, inventory management (such as warehousing) and more. Jarrett has the scale to handle small- to large-scale customer needs and has the flexibility across its network to handle various workflows and levels of capacity requirements. And with the growing demands of e-retailers, it is more important than ever a company partner with a 3PL that can manage diverse capacity requirements. 


Mike Jarrett, president and chief executive officer at Jarrett Logistics, stated in a recent interview with Supply Chain Brain magazine:


“You either have a broken supply chain, or you have a thriving supply chain. A thriving supply chain is fast, efficient and reliable … In the end, it comes down to focusing on the basics that are within our control, while infusing the right technology with dedicated and responsive experts to overcome the biggest supply chain challenges.”


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