How to Maintain Supply Chain Visibility

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Today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven economy requires the ability to accurately and concisely track goods and products in transit. It also demands a clear inventory view and the related components to ensure shipments travel from supplier to manufacturer to consumer. With e-commerce growing exponentially and consumer expectations rising, maintaining supply chain visibility is a key differentiator in the global marketplace. 

Steps to Maintain Supply Chain Visibility

There are several areas that can help you create a more visible and viable supply chain. One area is having access to critical data from various sources in a single location. But just having access to that data is only one piece of the puzzle. Being able to collect, critically analyze and make outcome-based decisions with it is of the highest importance. 


End-to-end visibility into your supply chain requires “... an effective digital supply-chain framework [that] will automate the data entry needed across business operations, collecting and updating data points in real-time from all the employees and suppliers within the ecosystem … must be accessible within a single system, rather than having them fragmented across multiple systems,” stated the author of a recent article in Quality Digest.


There are several data points that should be continuously reviewed in real-time and include: 

  • Vendor scorecards
  • Raw materials status to complete the order
  • Supplier's manufacturing program and status
  • Regulatory information
  • Supplier’s order receipt
  • Batch and/or lot number
  • Material certifications


The pandemic certainly challenged many supply chains globally and exposed the glaring need to ensure supply chain visibility is front-and-center for every company. Jarrett prides itself on having both the people and the technology, backed by subject matter expertise, to help its clients identify targeted goals that rely on supply chain visibility. 


To achieve these targeted goals, clients partner with Jarrett to leverage its JLS Routing Center, a hands-on, personalized customer service center utilizing jShip, a proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS) and JLS Advanced Analytics. 


By aligning with a freight and transportation management partner that constantly uses data to proactively improve your supply chain in real-time, customers realize true supply chain visibility. To learn more, visit


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