Running Water Virtual 5K Update

Posted by Jarrett on Jan 9, 2024 8:30:00 AM

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In 2020, Jarrett began planning a charitable 5K. As the pandemic reared its fever-inducing head, Jarrett had to get creative. The result? A virtual 5K in 2021. 

 “We were looking for ways to partner giving back with our wellness program,” Training and Development Manager TJ Dalenberg said. “We thought about hosting a fitness event for employees, customers and partners, but wanted to make it more than just a fitness event.” 

Part of Jarrett’s wellness program includes drinking water and exercising routinely. Partnering with Charity: Water, an organization that helps bring clean and safe water to those without, for a 5K was the perfect fit. The event came to be called the Running Water Virtual 5K. 

“There are a lot of countries that don’t have access to clean water,” Dalenberg says. “So Charity: Water provides funding for local experts to build wells and hand pumps so they can have water to drink and use.” 

The event brought in $5,566.84 from runner registration, miscellaneous donations and a Jeans Day fundraiser. Runners tracked their progress through fitness apps. Participants then sent in photo evidence of their times and distances to the Running Water team to be recorded.  

Until late 2023, Jarrett had no idea where the funds would be allocated. Charity: Water recently revealed to us that Jarrett’s contribution was combined with three other campaigns totaling nearly $18,000. The funds were used to build a well and a hand pump for a community in Burkina Faso, a country located in West Africa. Local partner Eau Vive Internationale implemented the projects and facilitated sanitation and hygiene initiatives for the community. Overall, the project brought safe, clean water to 309 people in Burkina Faso. 

“We felt really inspired by the 5K,” Dalenberg said. “We were doing something good for our bodies, and it was nice to do something bigger than ourselves. It was really rewarding to bring a lot of people together to, as a community, selflessly give money to countries that don’t have clean water to drink. It’s a good reminder of just how much we do have.” 

Jarrett continues to partner with organizations that share our company values and mission. For 2024, Jarrett is partnering with Heartland Education Community Inc. to aid in leveraging community partnerships between schools, businesses, nonprofits, parents and churches. Stay tuned for information on our Hearts for Heartland event Aug. 8, 2024. 

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