Where's My Purchase Order?

Posted by Jarrett on Jan 17, 2018 1:47:00 PM

Mission ControlEach time a spacecraft is launched, there is constant radio communication with the vessel. From the launch pad to the landing spot, Mission Control has constant communication with its astronauts.

With exception to one period of time…

There is a point during re-entry, where Mission Control loses radio contact with its crew - total silence for up to five minutes.

The spacecraft pierces the earth’s atmosphere going 15,000 mph or more, using the earth’s protective layer to slow it down. During that process, incredible heat builds up on the surface of the spacecraft – as much as 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This creates a bubble of ionized air around the vessel, prohibiting the presence of radio waves.

It is during this most dangerous time that Mission Control has no idea what is happening. Their precious crew is hurling toward earth several times faster than the speed of sound with a surface temperature of 3,000 degrees and all they can do is wait. Wait for that period of total silence to be broken by the voices of their crew.

Needless to say, this is a very concerning period of time for Mission Control. Is anything going wrong? Are the crew members still on course? Did any system failures occur that will bring them harm? There is nothing that can be done during this loss of communication except hope that they come through on the other side of the silence with everything intact.

PO Management Parallel 

Although not quite as dramatic, the same situation applies for many companies when they issue Purchase Orders. The Order is launched by procurement and sent to a supplier who ships the materials on a given date.

However, for many companies, there is often a blackout period as well. A time between the expected ship date and the date it lands safely in the receiving dock. And it is during this critical time that all visibility is lost and all one can do is wait. 

Is anything going wrong? Is the shipment still on course? Did any transportation system failures occur that will damage the materials?

OK, I’m being a little over dramatic – at any point, someone can get on the phone or email the supplier asking if the goods have left as expected. And at any point, someone can contact the transportation provider to determine the shipment status. At any point in time someone can do this for every Purchase Order placed and maintain its manual tracking until it arrives safely at the side of your building.

Jarrett Logistics’ customers receive a dedicated support team that proactively manages every Purchase Order you submit, eliminating the visibility blackout and saving the valuable time of your people who are performing these tasks.

On the day of expected shipment, we proactively contact your supplier to assure the shipment will occur as expected. We provide transportation routing instructions and schedule the carrier for pickup on the day of the shipment. You then receive a daily reporting of the status of every Purchase Order in transit along with relevant up-to-date information, should a problem occur while shipping.

Now your Mission Control can relax knowing that every Purchase Order launched is being completely monitored and tracked safely to your dock. Your people can focus on what they do best and you can rely on Jarrett Logistics to manage the entire visibility process. It’s something we do effectively thousands of times a week – it’s not rocket science.

Or is it??


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