What Does Your Company Culture Say About You?

Posted by Jarrett on Nov 8, 2017 2:43:00 PM

Does the culture of your current work environment reflect your personal core values? Are you fulfilled with what you’re currently doing and feel like your company is making a difference?

The impact of a company culture has lasting effects, not only on its employees but also on the reputation of the company. When many people think of the makeup of a company culture, they might take into account aspects such as a dress code, working hours, work/life balance or benefits. But the real heartbeat of the culture is its people. A company can have a great set of core values and mission statement, but without quality people who reflect those values and mission in the day-to-day operation, the culture does not realize its intended potential. A company culture is comprised of the shared values, attitudes and character that define an organization.

At Jarrett Logistics Systems, one of the five Jarrett Companies, we hold to eight core values.

  1. Character: to be committed to the highest level of ethical conduct in all that we do. We believe that honesty and integrity engender trust, which is the cornerstone of our business. We strive to be good citizens and take responsibility for our actions.
  2. Entrepreneurial Spirit: to encourage our personnel to initiate creative and innovative ways to serve our customers, improve the business and spread best practices throughout the company.
  3. Respect: to value self, others, property and diversity by showing appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made and to understand where your rights end and someone else’s begin.
  4. Compassion: to show care and kindness for others by helping those who are in need.
  5. Courage: to face difficult situations with confidence and determination by standing up for one’s convictions when conscience demands.
  6. Fairness: to treat people equally and making decisions without favoritism or prejudice.
  7. Excellence: to strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.
  8. Civic Responsibility: to give back to our communities by donating our time, talents, energy and resources to worthwhile causes in our communities and society.

To cultivate and protect the culture, we, as an organization have a direct impact through the types of people that we hire. When hiring for any of our open positions at the Jarrett Companies, we look for individuals who hold the same core values as our company. We believe that we can train an employee to do quality work within their tasks and role, but it is impossible to train someone to have the kind of character and integrity that are in line with our core values.

Having a positive company culture, influenced by our core values, does a number of things to the bottom line of the business. It influences the attitudes of the employees, changing perspectives and promoting positivity. It helps employees feel empowered in their specific work, encouraging all ideas, not just the good ones. Having employees who live and breathe our core values naturally inspires those around them to give their best effort, thus driving employee engagement. Thinking to the exterior effects, a positive company culture impacts operational performance and customer satisfaction; we do not want to settle for status quo. At the Jarrett Companies, we continually look to cultivate and develop a company culture that creates opportunities for individuals to learn, develop and flourish into people who exemplify those necessary core values both at work and in their communities.

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