Three (OK, Four) Largest Mistakes Shippers Make That Cost Money

Posted by Jarrett on Sep 9, 2021 11:03:00 AM



Customers expect to receive their shipments in a professional and timely manner. A bad experience can lead to negative reviews and word-of-mouth, decreased patronage and hurt a company’s brand reputation. With a multitude of moving parts throughout the shipping process, from choosing the right freight class to including the proper billing information, there are more than a few opportunities for error.

Even the most seasoned logistics experts can make mistakes. So if you are in charge of your company’s outbound shipments, pause and take a moment to ask yourself, “Am I making any of these common mistakes in my shipping and logistics processes?” 


Because in the end, we’re all human and make mistakes! 


Three, well ok let’s say four, largest mistakes shippers make that cost money include:  


  1. Improper or poor packaging: It would seem that this is an obvious mistake that could be avoided, but the rush to ensure shipments are ‘out the door’ can result in overlooking proper packaging techniques. Sometimes it’s due to cutting corners to save money. Either way can cost you more money in the long run as a result. So even though you cannot control the shipment while it is in transit, you can make sure that your freight is packaged properly to eliminate damage and associated costs and liability. 
  2. Misplacing a Bill of Lading (BOL): Acting as your shipment’s ID card, your BOL is essential in ensuring your shipment gets where it needs to be. If your BOL is misplaced, your delivery may be delayed, costing you time and money, as well as causing missed deadlines.
  3. Guessing your freight’s weight, size and class: A common mistake among shippers. However, making sure you have the basic equipment and take the appropriate time to measure freight dimensions, weight and density is extremely important. Also, ensuring you choose the right class will help you avoid re-class fees and more.
  4. And yes, #4Not properly insuring your freight: Purchasing insurance for your freight shipment can seem like an unnecessary cost, but that small investment can equal large savings in the long run. Beyond peace of mind, freight insurance protects your shipment if it is stolen, damaged in an accident or a natural disaster, etc. It also helps cover high-value shipments where the value exceeds the liability the carrier provided. The time and money you will spend replacing an entire shipment far outweigh the small up-front cost.


With the many moving parts during shipping, there are a host of other mistakes that can occur. Leveraging a respected 3PL like Jarrett can remove the possible headaches associated with shipping mistakes, saving you time and money. Learn more by visiting

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