3 Reasons Why Purchasing Leaders Turn to Jarrett

Posted by Jarrett on Jul 7, 2022 11:06:00 AM



In the current environment of labor shortages, supply chain issues and market volatility, companies are finding it challenging to remain competitive. Having supply chain resiliency, diverse resourcing, shipment visibility, and access to big data and technology, among others, are key drivers for purchasing leaders to ensure their company remains competitive in their respective industry.

Purchasing leaders look to partner with a 3PL like Jarrett to provide visibility into their supply chains and to provide proactive and responsive planning strategies – acting as their in-house experts.


In a Supply Chain Dive article, they stated that “3PLs have evolved from being a mere service provider to an enabler that makes sure that customers get their goods delivered. A recent Gartner survey found that 63% of logistics leaders believe that logistics outsourcing has had a positive impact on their organization’s competitive positioning.”


When choosing a 3PL, there are three main reasons purchasing leaders turn to Jarrett. They include increasing on-time shipments, acting as a trusted and reliable logistics expert, and providing prompt and responsive communication.


Increasing On-Time Shipments

Many purchasing leaders struggle with losing clients because of late shipments and poor visibility of inbound shipments. When customers work with Jarrett, their team of experts provide proactive resources and production planning, compared to competitors who tend to be more reactive. Due to this approach, customers see a rise in on-time shipments and increased efficiencies and profitability.


Trusted and Reliable Logistics Expert

Many companies who do not work with a 3PL struggle with managing the nuances of their supply chain. They also no longer receive high-quality service, as well as proactive and improved opportunities from their current 3PL provider. Both companies are not positioned for success. Customers turn to Jarrett because they are a trusted partner, and as a result, they have forged long-term mutually beneficial relationships. This trust is built on deep expertise, care for their clients, and prompt and responsive communication.


Prompt and Responsive Communication

Customers turn to Jarrett for hands-on, personalized service, where they answer the call in 3 rings or less, 24/7/365, and reply to emails in 10 minutes or less. When minutes matter, having prompt and responsive communication is critical to success.

Purchasing leaders look to Jarrett as a trusted partner to help transform their supply chain. Contact us to learn how we can help you by calling 877-815-0279 or by visiting

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